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Massive Vector Fields in Rotating Black-Hole Spacetimes: Separability and Quasinormal Modes

Frolov, V. P., Krtouš, P., Kubizňák, D. and Santos, J. E.

We demonstrate the separability of the massive vector (Proca) field equation in general Kerr-NUT-AdS
black-hole spacetimes in any number of dimensions, filling a long-standing gap in the literature. The
obtained separated equations are studied in more detail for the four-dimensional Kerr geometry and the
corresponding quasinormal modes are calculated. Two of the three independent polarizations of the Proca
field are shown to emerge from the separation ansatz and the results are found in an excellent agreement
with those of the recent numerical study where the full coupled partial differential equations were tackled
without using the separability property
journal:Phys. Rev. Lett.

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