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Slicing conditions for axisymmetric gravitational collapse of Brill waves

Khirnov., A., Ledvinka, T.

In numerical relativity, spacetimes involving compact strongly gravitating
objects are constructed as numerical solutions of Einstein’s equations.
Success of such a process strongly depends on the availability of appropriate
coordinates, which are typically constructed dynamically. A very robust
coordinate choice is a so-called moving puncture gauge, commonly used for
numerical simulations of black hole spacetimes. Nevertheless it is known
to fail for evolving near-critical Brill wave data. We construct a new ‘quasimaximal’ slicing condition and demonstrate that it exhibits better behavior
for such data. This condition is based on the 1+log slicing with an additional
source term derived from maximal slicing. It is relatively simple to implement
in existing moving puncture codes and computationally inexpensive. We
also illustrate the properties of constructed spacetimes based on gaugeindependent quantities in compactifed spacetime diagrams. These invariants
are also used to show how created black holes settle down to a Schwarzschild
black hole
journal:Class. Quantum Grav.

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