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Null points in the magnetosphere of a plunging neutron star

Kopáček, O.; Tahamtan, T.; Karas, V.

We explore the structure of a dipole-type vacuum field of a slowly rotating magnetic star near the horizon of
a supermassive black hole, where the structure of field lines becomes highly distorted by effects of strong
gravity. Such a situation may occur near a neutron star in the final stages of a plunging trajectory into a galactic
center. We solve Maxwell’s equations in the Rindler approximation for the rotating conducting source of
dipolar magnetic field arbitrarily inclined with respect to the axis of rotation. For the fixed inclination anglewe
calculate the field including the radiative terms while in the general case we discuss the electromagnetic field
considering the near-field terms only. In the latter case we investigate the emergence of magnetic null points
within thevacuummagnetosphere. Null points become highly relevant in the presence of astrophysical plasma
where they are connected with processes of magnetic reconnection and mass ejection.
journal:Phys. Rev. D
tahamtan-prd 98 (2018) 084055.pdf (2899.48 kB)

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