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The interplay between forces in the Kerr-Newman field.

Semerák, O.; Bičák, J.

The authors discuss dynamical properties of generally non-Keplerian equatorial circular orbits and zero - angular momentum spherical polar orbits around Kerr-Newman black holes. By considering charged test particles, the thrust is simply represented by the Lorentz force due to the electromagnetic field of the hole. The authors analyse the properties of the rotospheres in which the acceleration of the particles depends on their orbital angular velocity in a counter-intuitive manner, and they interpret the results in terms of suitably defined forces of classical type.
journal:Class. Quantum Grav.
pacs:0470B, 0420, 9530S, 9760L
grant:GACR 202/96/0206; GAUK 230/1996
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