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Institute of Theoretical Physics
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Possible topic for a Bsc. thesis:

Black holes are one of the most striking predictions of General Relativity
and their experimental signatures have been recently started to be
measured in actual experiments.
One of these signatures is the so-called black hole shadow which is a region in the
observer's sky where a black image appears. This black image is generated by
the null rays coming from
infinity that end inside the black hole and therefore do not reach the observer. The
shape of the black hole shadow can be computed for exact solutions of the Einstein's equations
representing black holes and it can be compared with actual measurements.

In this project it is proposed the study of the black hole shadow of the Vaidya solution.
The Vaidya solution is a simple model of a source radiating incoherent electromagnetic radiation
and for certain configurations in behaves like a black hole. The analysis of the black hole shadow requires
the analysis of the equations of motion of photons (null particles) within the Vaidya solution. These
equations are ordinary differential equations that cannot be solved analytically and therefore they
must be solved numerically with appropriate computer codes.


* Study the numerical solutions of the equation of motion for null particles for different mass configurations
in the Vaidya solution. The form of the equations as well as {\em Mathematica} code to find numerical
solutions of them will be supplied.

*Use the solutions obtained in the previous point to compute numerically the shadow of the
corresponding black hole for each mass configuration.

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