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Efficient Pathway to Neutralization of Multiply Charged Ions Produced in Auger Processes

Stumpf, V.; Kolorenč, P.; Gokhberg,, K.; Cederbaum, L. S.

After core ionization of an atom or molecule by an x-ray photon, multiply charged ions are produced in
the Auger decay process. These ions tend to neutralize their charge when embedded in an environment.
We demonstrate that, depending on the atom or molecule and its neighbors, electron transfer mediated
decay (ETMD) provides a particularly efficient neutralization pathway for the majority of the ions
produced by Auger decay. The mechanism is rather general. As a showcase example, we conducted an
ab initio study of the NeKr2 cluster after core ionization of the Ne atom. This example has been chosen
because it is amenable to both ab initio calculations and coincidence experiments. We find that even for
frozen nuclei, the neutralization rate can be as fast as 0:130 ps1. We also show that nuclear dynamics
may increase the rate by about an order of magnitude. The generality of the mechanism makes this
neutralization pathway important in weakly bonded environments.
journal:Phys. Rev. Lett.
pacs:82.33.Fg, 32.80.Hd, 36.40.Wa, 82.50.Kx

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