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Accelerating electromagnetic magic field from the C-metric

Bičák J., Kofroň D.

Various aspects of the C-metric representing two rotating charged black holes accelerated in opposite directions are summarized and its limits are considered. A particular attention is paid to the special-relativistic limit in which the electromagnetic field becomes the “magic field” of two oppositely accelerated rotating charged relativistic discs. When the acceleration vanishes the usual electromagnetic magic field of the Kerr–Newman black hole with gravitational constant set to zero arises. Properties of the accelerated discs and the fields produced are studied and illustrated graphically. The charges at the rim of the accelerated discs move along spiral trajectories with the speed of light. If the magic field has some deeper connection with the field of the Dirac electron, as is sometimes conjectured because of the same gyromagnetic ratio, the “accelerating magic field” represents the electromagnetic field of a uniformly accelerated spinning electron. It generalizes the classical Born’s solution for two uniformly accelerated monopole charges.
journal:Gen. Rel. Grav.
bikof-acc.pdf (519.43 kB)

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