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Hairy black holes: Stability under odd-parity perturbations and existence of slowly rotating solutions

Anabalón, A.; Bičák, J.; Saavedra, J.

We show that, independently of the scalar field potential and of specific asymptotic properties of the
spacetime (asymptotically flat, de Sitter or anti–de Sitter), any static, spherically symmetric or planar, black
hole solution of the Einstein theory minimally coupled to a real scalar field with a general potential is mode
stable under linear odd-parity perturbations. To this end, we generalize the Regge-Wheeler equation for a
generic self-interacting scalar field, and show that the potential of the relevant Schrödinger operator can be
mapped, by the so-called S-deformation, to a semipositively defined potential. With these results at hand
we study the existence of slowly rotating configurations. The frame dragging effect is compared with the
corresponding effect in the case of a Kerr black hole.
journal:Phys. Rev. D
pacs:numbers: 04.70.Bw, 04.20.Jb
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