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Critical-Curve Topologies of Triple Gravitational Lenses

Daněk, K.; Heyrovský, D.

An extrasolar analog of the Sun–Jupiter–Saturn system has been
discovered recently by detecting its gravitational microlensing action on the flux
from a background star [1]. More generally, however, gravitational lensing by a system
of three bodies has not yet been satisfactorily analyzed theoretically. Correct
interpretation of microlensing light curves requires an understanding of the geometry
of the underlying lens caustic and critical curves. These curves correspond to
source positions and image positions, respectively, with infinite point-source-flux
amplification. Following the pioneering Erdl and Schneider analysis of the parameter
dependence of binary lensing [2], we extend their approach to special cases of
the triple lens. While the binary lens is characterized by two parameters, three more
parameters are needed to describe the triple lens. We present here an example of a
three-dimensional cut through the five-dimensional parameter space, identifying the
boundaries of regions with different critical-curve topology.

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