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Speciální teorie relativity a prostoročas (2. část)

Scholtz, E.; Scholtz M.

The theory of relativity represents one of the pillars of modern
theoretical physics. As the theory of relativity deals with the properties of
space and time, it represents the framework for any other theory, especially
the quantum mechanics. In the series of articles, we explain the role of the
theory of relativity in theoretical physics. The postulates of classical physics
are mentioned for didactical purposes, and Einstein’s postulates of the special
theory of relativity are introduced. Then, we examine the consequences of
the postulates and we translate them into the geometrical language of Minkowski
spacetime. It is demonstrated how geometry can help us to understand
the relativistic effects (time dilatation) and causal relations between events.
Finally, we present the geometrical explanation of the twin paradox. In the
following parts of the series, we focus on the general theory of relativity and
the relationship between special relativity and quantum mechanics.
journal:Rozhledy matematicko-fyzikální FYZIKA

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