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Kerr-Newman black hole in the formalism of isolated horizons

Scholtz, M. and A. Flandera, A.; Gürlebeck, N.

The near horizon geometry of general black holes in equilibrium can be conveniently characterized in the
formalism of weakly isolated horizons in the form of the Bondi-like expansions (Krishnan B, Classical
Quantum Gravity 29, 205006, 2012). While the intrinsic geometry of the Kerr-Newman black hole has
been extensively investigated in the weakly isolated horizon framework, the off-horizon description in the
Bondi-like system employed by Krishnan has not been studied. We extend Krishnan’s work by explicit,
nonperturbative construction of the Bondi-like tetrad in the full Kerr-Newman spacetime. Namely, we
construct the Bondi-like tetrad which is parallelly propagated along a nontwisting null geodesic congruence
transversal to the horizon and provide all Newman-Penrose scalars associated with this tetrad. This work
completes the description of the Kerr-Newman spacetime in the formalism of weakly isolated horizons and
is a starting point for the investigation of deformed black holes.
journal:Phys. Rev. D

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