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Converged and consistent high-resolution low-energy electron–hydrogen scattering. I. Data below n = 4 threshold for applications in stellar physics

Benda, J.; Houfek, K.

In this article we present converged datasets containing scattering data for collisions of electrons on the
atomic hydrogen for total energies below the n = 4 excitation threshold. The data have been obtained
from an ab initio solution of the two-electron Schrödinger equation in the B-spline basis with the exterior
complex scaling boundary condition and are well converged both radially and in terms of partial waves,
often to a greater accuracy than currently available data. The data consist of partial T -matrices and can
be combined to various secondary quantities, most notably the differential and integral cross sections.
We compare the cross sections with previously published theoretical and experimental results and with
available data from on-line databases. It is demonstrated that the new data are superior to the generally
available results. The consistency of the cross section datasets is checked using the theorem of detailed
balance. The energy sampling is fine enough to contain all major resonances in the considered energy
journal:Atomic Data and Nuclear Data Tables
adndt.119.303_benda.houfek.pdf (995.11 kB)

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