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Explicit black hole solutions in higher-derivative gravity

Podolský, J.; Švarc, R.; Pravda, V.; Pravdová, A.

We present, in an explicit form, the metric for all spherically symmetric Schwarzschild-Bach black holes
in Einstein-Weyl theory. In addition to the black hole mass, this complete family of spacetimes involves a
parameter that encodes the value of the Bach tensor on the horizon. When this additional “nonSchwarzschild parameter” is set to zero, the Bach tensor vanishes everywhere, and the “Schwa-Bach”
solution reduces to the standard Schwarzschild metric of general relativity. Compared with previous
studies, which were mainly based on numerical integration of a complicated form of field equations, the
new form of the metric enables us to easily investigate geometrical and physical properties of these black
holes, such as specific tidal effects on test particles, caused by the presence of the Bach tensor, as well as
fundamental thermodynamical quantities.
journal:Phys. Rev. D
physrevd.98.021502.pdf (240.67 kB)

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