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Exact Black Holes in Quadratic Gravity with any Cosmological Constant

Švarc, R., Podolský, J., Pravda, V., Pravdová, A.

We present a new explicit class of black holes in general quadratic gravity with a cosmological constant.
These spherically symmetric Schwarzschild–Bach–(anti-)de Sitter geometries, derived under the
assumption of constant scalar curvature, form a three-parameter family determined by the black-hole
horizon position, the value of the Bach invariant on the horizon, and the cosmological constant. Using a
conformal to Kundt metric ansatz, the fourth-order field equations simplify to a compact autonomous
system. Its solutions are found as power series, enabling us to directly set the Bach parameter and/or
cosmological constant equal to zero. To interpret these spacetimes, we analyze the metric functions.
In particular, we demonstrate that for a certain range of positive cosmological constant there are both blackhole and cosmological horizons, with a static region between them. The tidal effects on free test particles
and basic thermodynamic quantities are also determined.
journal:Phys. Rev. Lett.
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