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Black holes and magnetic fields

Bičák, J.; Karas, V.; Ledvinka, T.

he exact mechanism of formation of highly relativistic jets from galactic nuclei and microquasars remains unknown but most accepted models involve a central black hole and a strong external magnetic field. This idea is based on assumption that the black hole rotates and the magnetic field threads its horizon. Magnetic torques provide a link between the hole and the surrounding plasma which then becomes accelerated. We first review our work on black holes immersed in external stationary vacuum (electro)magnetic fields in both test-field approximation and within exact general-relativistic solutions. A special attention will be paid to the Meissner-type effect of the expulsion of the flux of external axisymmetric stationary fields across rotating (or charged) black holes when they approach extremal states. This is a potential threat to any electromagnetic mechanism launching the jets at the account of black-hole rotation because it inhibits the extraction of black-hole rotational energy. We show that the otherwise very useful "membrane viewpoint of black holes" advocated by Thorne, Price and Macdonald does not represent an adequate formalism in the context of the field expulsion from extreme black holes. After briefly summarizing the results for black holes in magnetic fields in higher dimensions - the expulsion of stationary axisymmetric fields was demonstrated to occur also for extremal black-hole solutions in string theory and Kaluza-Klein theory - we shall review astrophysically relevant axisymmetric numerical simulations reported recently by Gammie, Komissarov, Krolik and others. Although the field expulsion has not yet been observed in these time-dependent simulations, they may still be too far away from the extreme limit at which the black-hole Meissner effect should show up. We mention some open problems which, according to our view, deserve further investigation.
editor:Karas, V.; Matt, G.
grant:Současné problémy obecné relativity a gravitace, GAČR 202/06/0041, 2006-2008
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