Selected topics in AdS/CFT correspondence

(NTMF082, winter term 2022/23)


Lecturer: David Kubiznak (

Institute of Theoretical Physics, MFF UK

Dotation: 2/1, oral exam



We will cover the basics of the gauge/gravity duality, including some of the following aspects: holographic RG flows, fluid/gravity correspondence, applications to condensed matter systems, holographic entanglement entropy, and recent advances in understanding the black hole information paradox. For PhD and Mgr students – basic knowledge of general relativity and quantum field theory is required.


Preliminary topics


Additional reading

·        Study text (will be updated as the course progresses)

·        Gauge/gravity duality: Foundations and applications, M. Ammon and J. Erdmenger, Cambridge University Press, 2015.

·        Holographic entanglement entropy: An overview, T. Nishioka, S. Ryu, T. Takayanagi, J. Phys. A 42 (2009) 504008; ArXiv:0905.0932.

·        The entropy of Hawking radiation, A. Almheiri, T. Hartman, J. Maldacena, E. Shaghoulian, A. Tajdini, Rev. Mod. Phys. 93 (2021) 3, 035002; ArXiv:2006.6872.


·      Lecture 1: Black hole thermodynamics

·      Lecture 2: Properties of Hawking radiation, Black hole info paradox, AdS action

·      Lecture 3: Hawking-Page phase transition, Classical p-branes

·      Lecture 4: Superstrings and D-branes

·      Lecture 5: AdS/CFT conjecture

·      Lecture 6: CFT propaganda & AdS primer

·      Lecture 7: State operator correspondence, Correlation functions

·      Lecture 8: 2-point function calculation, Holographic renormalization


Lectures and tutorials

Mondays, 13:10-15:35, A1032UTF (Troja, UTF)


·       Tutorial 1: Actions and boundary terms   Solutions T1

·       Tutorial 2: Euclidean magic – Unruh radiation Solutions T2

·       Tutorial 3: Strings and Throats  Solutions T3

·       Tutorial 4: Feelings for D-branes  Solutions T4

·       Tutorial 5: Conformal symmetry   Solutions T5

·       Tutorial 6: Energy momentum tensor   Solutions T6

·       Tutorial 7: Holographic renormalization 1   Solutions T7

·       Tutorial 8: Holographic renormalization 2